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Hire Individuals With Disabilities With Our Help

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For more than 20 years LifeROOTS has provided state and federal entities and local businesses with premier workforce solutions tailored to meet their needs. In these economic times saving money is a key concern of most businesses. Buisnesses are saving money in all directions, from gas and Business Electricity to office upgrades. You’re in luck! We help you cut cost while strengthening your bottom line. Handling all things money and finance is also a key concern of businesses. Luckily, nowadays there are companies like Cloudpay who handle all the complexities that come with payrolls, which takes a money burden off businesses who may find it difficult and tedious to sort these issues out when they could be paying attention to more important factors. Businesses that utilize payroll software will find that doing so saves many important working hours that can be put to better use in other endeavors, allowing the payroll software to take on the burden and streamline the process. Nevertheless, if saving money is your main aim, LifeROOTS provides innovative, cost-effective and quality services to enhance your programs and meet your staffing challenges. Best of all, we guarantee your job is completed to your expectations.

Our Mission

We provide developmental services that promote independence to underserved and extra needs populations through the cycle of their lives.

Our Vision

LifeROOTS enriches the entire community by nurturing individuals to grow, strengthen, and flourish.

When People With Disabilities Work: You Benefit

Is your company accessing the full range of skilled candidates available? In New Mexico, 166,000 of the 1,100,000 working-age individuals reported one or more disabilities. This is a considerable resource of skilled and keen people ready and willing to work. They’re also your customers.

Through LifeROOTS, you will have access to employees who are committed to working for you with the highest quality workmanship in mind. Employers have found that:

  • 98% of employees with disabilities rate average or better in work safety.
  • 90% of people with disabilities rated average or better on job performance.
  • 86% of people with disabilities rated average or better on attendance.
  • 90% of employers had no change in their insurance costs to employ people with a disability.
  • Staff retention rates for employees with disabilities are 72% higher, saving millions of dollars each year in recruitment and training costs.
  • Employing people with disabilities has a distinct, positive effect on staff morale.*

People with disabilities are the fastest-growing minority group in the United States, and it is a group that is providing the talent necessary to make your business a success.

It Works for Your Customers

  • Employing people with disabilities allows your business to reflect it's customer base.
  • Research has shown that 52% of Households pay more attention to advertising messages featuring people with disabilities.
  • Businesses that do not respond positively to the needs of people with a disability will inevitably lose market share, while those that respond to the needs of this market will increase their share and opportunities.
  • Being seen as a business that is disability-friendly can lead to increased sales. Pizza Hut recorded measurable sale increases after hiring over 14,000 people with disabilities.

Program Benefits

Increasingly, it is a company’s workforce and culture that sets it apart from its competitors. Businesses operating in today’s market must seize every opportunity to develop their workforce and increase their competitive advantage. A culture of inclusion in your workplace leaves your organization well placed to respond inventively to the demands of New Mexico’s diverse market.

LifeROOTS Offers:

  • Job training and supervision at no cost to the employer
  • No hassle monthly billing: We cover all payroll, taxes, insurance, and workers' compensation.

Our Services

We take great pride in our ability to provide a superior job and to help our workers who have a disability become productive, contributing members of our community. Needs we can fill:

  • Janitorial Services
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Packaging & Assembly
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Warehousing

Partner With Us

For more than 20 years LifeROOTS has operated affirmative business opportunities that provide valuable services for area businesses while providing employment for people with disabilities. LifeROOTS is a recognized leader in providing contract services to organizations in the areas of: Custodial Services, Grounds Maintenance, Packaging & Assembly,  Shipping & Receiving, and Warehousing.